BEAM Plus Project Online Registration Form

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Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) would thank you for your support in applying the BEAM Plus for project assessment.  BEAM Plus, the comprehensive environmental assessment scheme recognized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council, has been officially launched since 1st April 2010.

To make project registration for BEAM Plus assessment, please fill in this Online Registration Form, and make payment of the Registration Fee to the HKGBC.  Upon receipt of the Registration Fee, HKGBC will issue the Receipt and the Acknowledgement Letter to confirm the completion of project registration application.  HKGBC will then entrust the BEAM Society (BSL) to follow up with the Applicants for the assessment arrangement.  The certificate will be issued by the HKGBC upon successful assessment.

Please read the IMPORTANT NOTE and DISCLAIMER below before you submit the Registration.


Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) reserves the right to reproduce, print, publish the material submitted with this Submission in either paper or electronic format, for any use in association with the Hong Kong Green Building Council, and BEAM Society.

In line with the Policy Address, that advocates higher market transparency which will in turn help accelerate the market transformation towards higher building performance and best practice, the relevant information of BEAM Plus projects will be posted on web at the discretion of HKGBC.

Applicants should have the responsibility to update the information to HKGBC should changes are made.  You may click HERE to submit the updated information if there is any.  If you would need to update the Information on the Project Directory, please click HERE.


As a condition of use, you covenant not to sue, and agree to waive and release Hong Kong Green Building Council and BEAM Society, their officers, agents, employees and members from any and all claims, demands and causes of action for any injury, loss, destruction or damage (including, without limitation, equitable relief and economic loss) that you may now or hereafter have a right to assert against such parties as a result of your use of, or reliance on, BEAM Plus.

You are only authorised to proceed to use BEAM Plus on this basis. All rights reserved.

BEAM Plus Project Registration (Online Registration Form)

(Those fields marked with [ * ] must be filled in during the BEAM Plus project registration stage.)

BEAM Plus Assessment Tool and Version

The BEAM Plus EB assessment tool is generally applicable to existing buildings with an emphasis on the operation & management aspects. In case of existing building subject to different extent of A&A works, the applicant is advised to consult and verify with BEAM Society on the selection of applicable assessment tool (i.e., BEAM Plus NB or EB) before project registration. Please contact BEAM Society via T: 3610 5700 or E: who should try to respond within 14 calendar days.

Assessment Agreement - Signing Party

The party to sign the Assessment Agreement with BEAM Society for project assessment.
Address shown on the Business Registration or equivalent document.

Project Information (For BEAM Plus Project Directory on HKGBC Website)

(Same as the submission to BD, if applicable)
(Same as the submission to BD.)
Type "N/A" if not applicable.
One BEAM Pro for one project, if any, or type "N/A" if not applicable.

Applicant Information (Major Contact for this Project Registration)

The organisation's name to be shown on the Acknowledgement Letter.
The Acknowledgement Letter will be sent to this address.
Contact Person representing this project for all the liaison, e.g., providing additional information, follow-up payment, etc.
A confirmation of receipt of this submission will be sent to this email address within 24 hours.

Project Team (Tentative)

Please provide the update if there are any changes of the project team members. You may submit your update through the Online Project Update form:

For the use of title "architect" in HK projects, attention is drawn to the Laws of HK Cap 408 Architects Registration Ordinance

Project Programme and Details (Tentative)

Applicant is responsible to inform BEAM Society of the updated Provisional Assessment (PA), Occupation Permit (OP) and Final Assessment (FA) schedule if the actual plan varies to this submission.

* Tentative PA Submission Time (month/year)

(Note: For those projects which intend to use the BEAM Plus EB tool and not to involve the PA submission stage, please enter N/A to this section.)

* Tentative OP or Equivalent Project Completion Time (month/year)

* Tentative FA Submission Time (month/year)

Same as the submission made to BD.
Same as the submission made to BD.
Same as the submission made to BD.
Same as the submission made to BD.
The Assessment Fee will be charged based on the CFA. Incorrect information may delay the assessment process.

Application Fee & Project Scale for Assessment Fee

An on-screen Payment Instruction (printable note) will be generated after you press the "Submit" button. We shall only provide the electronic Payment Advice per request in about three working days after submission made.