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The Hong Kong Green Building Week Garnered Four PR Awards 2017
We Go Biz-Green on 13 Sep!
Heartfelt Thanks to Contributors for Successful WSBE17 Hong Kong
Knowledge Sharing for Better E-waste Management in Retail Industry
Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance: Free e-Waste Recycling and Collection Service
Platinum Green Buildings for Sustainable Tourism
Retro-commissioning – Putting Energy Saving into Practice

Simplifying Energy Efficiency with One App

The Hong Kong Green Building Week Garnered Four PR Awards 2017
Hong Kong Green Building Week takes
home four PR Awards 2017, including a
Gold Award in Best PR Campaign (Public
Service) category.

The Hong Kong Green Building Week (HKGBW), co-organised by the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC), triumphed at the PR Awards 2017 in early September. In the category of Best PR Campaign (Public Service), we even took home the Gold Award. Others include Best PR Campaign (Corporate Social Responsibility) - Silver Award, Best PR-Led Integrated Communications - Silver Award, and Best Experiential PR Campaign - Bronze Award. The HKGBW is also a finalist in the Campaign of the Year category.

The editions of HKGBW 2016 and 2017 were submitted to compete for the awards. Both editions are unique yet attractive with programmes including Green Building Ideas Pitch, Mini LegCo & Youth Forum, Video Idea Contest and Green Building Open House and Tours. Through the programmes, the green building concept is widely spread in the community by leveraging excellent strategies of PR, media and social media, achieving the goals of promoting green building development, boosting public awareness on green lifestyle, and driving behavioural change.

Sr Wong Bay, Chairman of the HKGBC, is pleased to have the programmes receiving recognitions from the PR industry. “Social participation is crucial in driving green building development. Thus, we wish the HKGBW could go further and realise the new heights by participating in this Award. We are glad to see a green community campaign could stand out from a number of international brands and popular promotional programmes by shopping malls. This is also a heartening reminder to continue our effort in spreading the importance of green building.”

Representatives from CIC (first right),
HKGBC (first and second left) and the
campaign PR agency Betake Marketing
(second right) share the joy of receiving

The PR Awards is organised by Marketing magazine to recognise campaigns with excellent PR and promotions in the North Asia. The HKGBW co-organisers are thankful for the recognitions this year and the partnership with the campaign PR agency Betake Marketing in the past three years.

You may check all the winners of PR Award 2017 here.







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We Go Biz-Green on 13 Sep!

The Biz-Green Dress Day, being one of the key programmes in the past editions of the Hong Kong Green Building Week, was individually held this year. A total of 119 companies / organisations are engaged as supporting organisations of the programme to encourage their staff to dress lighter and turn the thermostat up in order to save energy from reducing air-conditioning in the office. Many supporting organisations shared their Biz-Green photos on social media platforms to spread the green message.

Every one of us can stay Biz-Green everyday – not just on one particular day. Let’s do this together to create a green workplace. We look forward to more new comers next year! Here are the Biz-Green tips:

  • Wear outfits made with thinner and more breathable fabrics
  • Fewer layers
  • No tie, and open necked shirt
  • Professional yet stylish
Overwhelming support is received for the Biz-Green Dress Day on 13 Sep.








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Heartfelt Thanks to Contributors for Successful WSBE17 Hong Kong

The World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017 Hong Kong (WSBE17 Hong Kong), co-organised by the Construction Industry Council and the Hong Kong Green Building Council on 5-7 Jun 2017, was concluded with resounding success. This momentous milestone is constituted by the support and contribution of various parties and all committee members. To recognise their support, an appreciation dinner was held on 22 Sep, which was a joyful occasion to recall the precious moments at WSBE17 Hong Kong and share the feelings

Attended by a total of 1,800 green building experts from 57 countries and regions, WSBE17 Hong Kong has created a platform for knowledge sharing and forging collaborations to push forward the sustainable built environment.

On the other hand, the Hong Kong Report on the State of Sustainable Built Environment 2017 published during the conference is reprinted with recap on the happenings of the WSBE17 Hong Kong. You are welcome to read it online or email to for printed copies.

Chairman of the HKGBC Sr Wong Bay and WSBE17 Hong Kong Organising Chairman Ir Conrad Wong
share their reflections for organising the conference and were thankful to the Government and industry


Representatives from committee and sub-committees share their contributions, feelings and stories
during the conference.








The dinner is a great occasion to recall the precious moments at WSBE17 Hong Kong.































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Knowledge Sharing for Better E-waste Management in Retail Industry
Mr Donald Ng, the Environmental Protection
Department Deputy Director (forth left);
Ms Mary Chan Suk-fun, Chairman of HKGBC
Public Education Committee (centre), and
Ir Cary Chan, Executive Director of HKGBC
(first right) join the guests and seminar
speakers to share knowledge on e-waste
management in Hong Kong.

To allow members of the Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance get familiar with the ways of treating e-waste and the Government’s Mandatory Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, the Alliance and ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd., the operator of the Government’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Treatment and Recycling Facility, co-organised the Seminar on e-Waste Management in Hong Kong. This seminar covered the latest updates on the Scheme by the Government, the impact of e-waste on the environment and health, and the ways to manage e-waste, and attracted around 100 participants and Alliance members to join.

During the panel discussion session at the end of the seminar, the representatives from ALBA, Swire Properties and K11 shared the way to enhance the e-waste management in retail industry and the experience on current e-waste recycling programme

The Alliance was jointly launched by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) and Construction Industry Council (CIC). This seminar kick-started its “Knowledge Sharing Series” and the Alliance will organise more seminars based on its focus of the six aspects of environmental management to promote a sustainable retail environment.

The panel discussion session sees a vibrant
discussion on how to enhance the e-waste
management in retail industry and shared
experience on e-waste recycling programme.
Around 100 guests and representatives of
Alliance members join the seminar.








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Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance: Free e-Waste Recycling and Collection Service

E-waste contains hazardous components that are harmful to the environment and human health if they are not properly treated or disposed of. Moreover, we all have to be prepared for the Mandatory Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment to be launched in Hong Kong soon.

Co-organised by the HKGBC and ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions (Hong Kong) Ltd., the campaign leverages the platform of Hong Kong Green Shop Alliance and invites the Alliance members to take a step further to reduce municipal solid waste, reuse and recycle materials.

Recycling data will be provided to participants after the campaign, providing a clear picture of the amount of e-waste collected during the campaign period. Also, functional electronic items collected will be refurbished and donated to deserving families to avoid wasteful disposal.

Please click here for more campaign details.




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Platinum Green Buildings for Sustainable Tourism

The government strives to turn Kai Tak into a green CBD. The latest BEAM Plus New Buildings Final Platinum project, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, brings tourists from around the world a first-hand green experience and a great boost to sustainable tourism.  The elongated building boasts the biggest rooftop garden in Hong Kong, which offers one of the best spots in town to enjoy sunset with a world-famous skyline over the Victoria Harbour.  You can even enjoy a nice picnic on the lawn next to it! The building utilises the Kai Tak District Cooling System (DCS) as its main chilled water circulation system, catering for the air-conditioning required for the terminal operation facilities and commercial area. 

Visit BEAM Plus Online Exhibition to find out more green features of Cruise Terminal Building. You can also explore more green buildings in town at the Exhibition!



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Retro-commissioning – Putting Energy Saving into Practice
Group photo for all the speakers and
representatives of HKGBC and BSOMES

The Council has been taking a leading role in implementing energy saving initiatives in the industry and driving local green building movement. Amid the prime concern on the transformation of current building stock, we have taken painstaking efforts in promoting retro-commissioning recently with a focus on capacity building. Among them is the “Seminar on Experience Sharing of Retro-commissioning for Commercial Buildings between Hong Kong and Mainland” jointly organised by the Council and the Building Services Operation and Maintenance Executives Society (BSOMES) and supported by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) on 13 Sep.


Mr Alfred Sit, Director of Electrical &
Mechanical Services, welcomes the
participants who shown interest in
understanding retro-commissioning.

Mr Kong Ka-wah, Senior Engineer of EMSD introduced retro-commissioning and the Technical Guidelines released this year. Dr. Qingpeng Wei, Associate Professor from the Building Energy Research Centre of Tsinghua University shared his view on commissioning for energy efficiency in commercial buildings and MEP systems and the challenges faced in China.

The Council hopes the event could facilitate better understanding on retro-commissioning for the industry and encourage implementation to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.




Mr Kong Ka-Wah, Senior Engineer of EMSD
presents retro-commissioning in the
Dr Qingpeng Wei from Tsinghua University
exchanges his insight on retro-
commissioning with the participants.








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Simplifying Energy Efficiency with One App

A-1 Bakery is committed to producing healthy and quality breads and pastries with natural ingredients while aiming to sustain environmental development as one of its principles. In addition to the implementation of various energy-saving measures, the company adopts innovative technologies to enhance energy efficiency.

With the growing popularity of advanced technologies, CLP has launched the Smart Enterprise solution for its business customers. Users are able to monitor operating systems on a daily basis via mobile applications with just a few touches on the screen. Taking suggestions from CLP’s on-site assessment, A-1 Bakery applies the Smart Enterprise solution to its office air conditioning system. Employees can use the mobile app to remotely control and adjust the temperature anytime and anywhere, ensuring that the daytime work environment is comfortable. Air-conditioning system can be switched off remotely even after the office hours to minimise energy waste. A-1 Bakery also installs motion sensors and timers to all aisles in the office, detecting movements of the designated areas. The air conditioning system will adjust automatically to facilitate a more flexible and effective business operation and management. With this Smart Enterprise solution, A-1 Bakery is now able to record daily electricity consumption of its air conditioning system and fully monitor the energy usage. Along with the regular energy analysis reports provided by CLP, the company expects to reduce 10-15% of its energy costs annually.

A-1 Bakery is also considering the adoption of the energy management system in the baking workshop, monitoring the real-time electricity usage of the equipment. Through monitoring the electric cooking appliances with the energy management, A-1 Bakery can change its operation mode instantly to optimise operational efficiency and effectiveness. “Smart Enterprise is simpler and more than you might expect. All you need is just to install an app on the phone, then you can access your energy data and instantly remote control certain equipment. It’s easy and flexible.” said Mr Motonobu Yanai, Executive Director and CEO of A-1 Bakery Co., (HK) Ltd.

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