BEAM Plus ND V1.0 Project Registration

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BEAM Plus Neighbourhood V1.0 Project Registration (Online Registration Form)

To register a project for BEAM Plus Neighbourhood V1.0 assessment, please fill in this Online Registration Form and it may demand 15 minutes to complete.

Upon receipt of the Registration Fee, the HKGBC will issue a Receipt and an Acknowledgement Letter to confirm the completion of project registration application. The assessment work will be carried out by BEAM Society Limited (BSL) whereas the HKGBC will carry out audit check on BSL's assessment. Project applicant will sign an Assessment Agreement with BSL. The certificate will be issued by the HKGBC upon successful assessment.

Please read the Important Note and Disclaimer below before registration and contact the HKGBC BEAM Plus Registration Office (Tel: 3994 8888) for any queries.


As a condition of use, you covenant not to sue, and agree to waive and release the Hong Kong Green Building Council and BEAM Society Limited, their officers, agents, employees and members from any and all claims, demands and causes of action for any injury, loss, destruction or damage (including, without limitation, equitable relief and economic loss) that you may now or hereafter have a right to assert against such parties as a result of your use of, or reliance on, BEAM Plus.

You are only authorised to proceed to use BEAM Plus on this basis. All rights reserved.


The Applicant shall note that BEAM Plus project registration is based on a specific site.  Thus, the Applicant should not commence the registration until the project site has been determined.  In this regard, a Block Plan pdf file will be required to be submitted during the on-line registration.

Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited (HKGBC) reserves the right to reproduce, print, publish the material submitted with this Submission in either paper or electronic format, for any use in association with Hong Kong Green Building Council Limited, and BEAM Society Limited.

To maintain high market transparency to help accelerate the market transformation towards higher building performance and best practice, the relevant information of BEAM Plus projects, including provisional and final assessment results, will be posted on web at the discretion of the HKGBC.

Applicants should have the responsibility to update the information to the HKGBC should changes be made. You may click HERE to submit the updated information if there is any.

The BEAM Plus assessment process will be carried out in accordance with the BEAM Plus Procedures Manual posted on the HKGBC website. Applicants should follow the procedures stated therein. In particular, the Applicants’ attention is drawn to Clause B (vi) concerning the fee Adjustment if time limit for commencing assessment is exceeded and Clause F (v)[1] concerning the mandatory disclosure of information in the BEAM Plus Procedures Manual. Applicants are expected to commence assessment within 2 years after registration for BEAM Plus ND.

As assessment and assessment audit will be carried out by the BSL and the HKGBC respectively, Applicants shall agree that both the BSL and the HKGBC shall have the right to access the BEAM Plus submissions made by the Applicants.

(Those fields marked with [ * ] must be filled in during the BEAM Plus project registration stage.)

Section 1 of 8. Representative Information Agreement - Signing Party

The party to sign the Assessment Agreement with BEAM Society Limited for project assessment.
Address shown on the Business Registration or equivalent document.

Business Registration (or equivalent)

You are advised to submit the copy of Business Registration now, or via by sending email to when you have made payment of the Registration Fee.
For Government Departments/ NGO/ Charitable Organisations use only

Section 2 of 8. Project Information (For BEAM Plus Project Directory on HKGBC Website)

(Same as the submission to BD.)
(Same as the submission to BD.)

Please provide latitude and longitude (e.g.: 22.335757, 114.175081) of the project address.
You can obtain the coordinate by 1) right click on the project location in Google Map and 2) selecting "What's here?".

Type "N/A" if not applicable.
ONE BEAM Pro for ONE project, if any, or type "N/A" if not applicable.

Section 3 of 8. Applicant Information (Major Contact for this Project Registration)

[Important] : Please note that the following fields are printed both on the
Payment Advice / Invoice and the Acknowledgment Letter.
a. Applicant company / organisation name , b. Applicant company / organisation address and
c. Applicant name

The organisation's name to be shown on Payment Advice and the Acknowledgement Letter.
The Acknowledgement Letter will be sent to this address.
Contact Person representing this project for all the liaison, e.g., providing additional information, follow-up payment, etc.
A confirmation of receipt of this submission will be sent to this email address within 24 hours.

Section 4 of 8. Consultant Information (Company / Organisation Name only)

Please type N/A if not applicable.

For the use of title "architect" in HK projects, attention is drawn to the Laws of HK Cap 408 Architects Registration Ordinance

Section 5 of 8. Project Programme and Details (Tentative)

Applicant is responsible to inform BEAM Society Limited of the updated Occupation Permit (OP) and Tentative Assessment Submission Time schedule if the actual plan varies to this submission.

Tentative Occupation Permit (OP) or Equivalent Project Completion Time

OP Time shall be interpreted as "Building Handover Certificate" for projects of Architectural Services Department or "Contract Completion Date" for Housing Authority projects.

Tentative Assessment Submission Time

Same as the submission made to BD. The assessment Fee will be charged based on the Total Site Area. Incorrect information may delay the assessment process.
Same as the submission made to BD.
if applicable
Same as the submission made to BD.

Section 6 of 8. Registration Fee & Assessment Fee

Registration Fee - Standard fee
HKGBC Patron Member's project Other projects
HKD 11,250 HKD 15,000

Assessment Fee - A. Base Charge and B. GFA Charge (Round up to the nearest ten cents separately)

A. Base Charge:
Total Site Area 50% off for the first 10 registrations Standard Fee (HKD)
First 50,000 HKD 34,500 HKD 69,000
Second 50,000 HKD 0.55 per sqm HKD 1.1 per sqm
Third 50,000 HKD 0.45 per sqm HKD 0.9 per sqm
Fourth 50,000 HKD 0.35 per sqm HKD 0.7 per sqm
Site area exceeding
the Fourth 50,000
HKD 0.3 per sqm HKD 0.6 per sqm
B. GFA Charge - (67% of total Gross Floor Area [GFA] to be counted)
67% of total GFA
for Flat Rate
50% off for the first 10 registrations Standard Fee (HKD)
HKD 0.25 per sqm HKD 0.5 per sqm


Assessment Fee - Part A . Base Charge
Assessment Fee - Part B. GFA Charge

Payment shall be made within 90 calendar days of the date of Payment Advice, failing which we reserve the right to charge the prevailing Registration Fee at the time of receipt of payment.

Please submit an Assessment Boundary Plan with lot/street numbers and street names. The site boundaries shall be clearly indicated. File shall be in pdf format. The size of the file shall not be greater than 1MB. The Applicant is reminded that BEAM Plus Project Registration is based on a specific site, as defined by the Assessment Boundary Plan. In case there is any future amalgamation with adjacent sites, or segmentation of the original site, re-registration of the project and re-submission of Assessment Boundary Plan would be required (i.e. the original project shall be withdrawn; the new project shall be freshly registered).

Section 7 of 8. Contact of Marketing / Corporate Communication Team

Please download The Application Form of Fee Concession for NGO and refer to this page for further details.
An on-screen Payment Instruction (printable note) will be generated after you press the "Submit" button.
Payment Advice will be sent to applicants within a week after successful online registration.

The HKGBC regularly organises a wide range of marketing initiatives about BEAM Plus, from roving exhibitions to Online Exhibition, from award presentation ceremonies to marketing tea reception. It would be best if we can closely communicate with the project’s marketing communications team, with a view to coordinating for the HKGBC marketing activities and providing advice to promote your BEAM Plus project. For any enquiries about BEAM Plus marketing and promotion, please feel free to contact the Secretariat at 3994 8853. We are happy to assist you.

Section 8 of 8. Declaration and Acknowledgement

If "No" option is selected, the name of project will display as "Anonymous Project" with all its data (Address, Location, Project Type, Developer / Owner, Project BEAM Pro) hidden. Only tool version and project status / assessment result are displayed until further notice by project owner.
I would like to opt for the BEAM Plus Bespoke assessment process. I understand I need to settle the 1st instalment of registration fee to commence the Bespoke application to BEAM Society Limited. (For further details, please refer to the BEAM Plus Bespoke Manual at

You will be directed to another page automatically after pressing Submit button, indicating successful submission.
If not, please check the error(s) stated above.

The payment advice will be ready in 1-2 working days. Please contact BEAM Plus Secretariat at 39948888 for any assistance.