2016 CPD submission form for BEAM Affiliate

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Accredited BEAM Affiliates are required to submit a CPD record annually to Hong Kong Green Building Council to maintain the qualification according to the CPD policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. This form is applicable to BEAM Affiliate ONLY and you are only allowed to submit 2016 records. 
For BEAM Professionals, please login to your individual account for submission.
2. BEAM Affiliates [BA2016] accredited in 2016 are exempted from 2016 CPD submission but you need to start earning CPD hours from 1 January 2017 and the first submission will be the end of 2017; BEAM Affiliates [BA2015] accredited in 2015, you may submit participated CPD event(s) in 2015 in order to fulfill 2016 CPD requirement. Please complete the bottom part of this submission form.
3. Submission deadline : 1 February 2017
4. Since submitted record is non-amendable, please re-submit the entire record once again and ONLY latest record will be kept by HKGBC.
5. You are NOT required to apply for the transfer of excessive or outstanding CPD hours and they will be automatically transferred to the next years. Just submit all events you participated in 2016.
6. HKGBC will perform random checking and you are NOT required to submit any documentary proofs when filling this form.
7. If you need to catch up any outstanding Mandatory CPD hours, you are welcome to use the HKGBC online training portal.
8. For further questions, please send an email to cpdrecord@hkgbc.org.hk.
9. You are suggested using Firefox or Chrome browser for submission as size of the text-box can be adjusted.

Yours faithfully,
HKGBC Secretariat

Personal Information

Please provide accurate number or record cannot be verified. (BA201X-XXXX)

Mandatory CPD Activities (Minimum 3 hours)

The total number of CPD hours attained per year shall not be less than 6,
with at least 3 from Mandatory CPD activities,and the remaining from General CPD activities.

Type Description
1 Attend Mandatory CPD events organised or co-organised by HKGBC/BSL including education courses, training, technical talks, seminars, symposia, conferences and guided green building tours.

Live events by HKGBC - list of HKGBC live events

                                        Date | Name of events | Time of events | No. of hours counted

Online events by HKGBC - HKGBC Online Training Portal and HK G-Training

                                        Date of paying for the video | Name of events | No. of hours counted

Live events by BSL- list of BSL live events

                                        Date | Name of events | Time of events | No. of hours counted

Online events by BSL - BSL Online Training Portal

                                        Date of paying for the video | Video code | Name of events | No. of hours counted

Sum of the above 4 "Type-1" hours

General CPD Activities

Part B - General CPD Activities (At least two of the following types)

Type Description
2 Attend training, seminars, technical visits and/or exhibitions related to green building, other than Mandatory CPD events organised by HKGBC/ BSL. For activities with mixed themes, only those hours related to green building should be counted.
3 Undertake research or study, deliver speeches and/or write papers related to green building. Study includes taught courses, self-guided study, learning from books, CD-ROMs, journals, libraries, internet sources, etc.
4 Participate in registered BEAM Plus project(s) in relation to pursuit of BEAM Plus credits.

                                        Date | Name of events | Time of events | Organisation | No. of hours counted

                                        Project code | Name of project | credits involved | description | No. of hours counted

Please Type N/A if none.
Type 2 + Type 3 + Type 4

You will be re-directed to next page automatically indicating successful submission after pressing submit button. If not, please check the above error message(s) displayed next to the field(s).