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Private Sector Hysan Place: Creating a Sustainable
Projects Community Through Visionary Thinking

This design ensures the best practical use of Chairman of Hysan, who posed a simple vegetables and fruits, and has become an
space for both office and retail tenants, and question: ’How can a successful building also educational venue for stakeholders to learn
all office tenants enjoy a 270-degree view make Causeway Bay less polluted?‘ This led about organic farming. A Sky Wetland on the
of Hong Kong’s much celebrated Victoria to an Area Ventilation Assessment to look refuge floor not only adds greenery to the site,
Harbour. Beyond these advantages, the into the impact of wind in the heavily built- but is also being tested to see if it can fulfil
design team sought to find ways to tackle a up environment. The results pointed to the its mission of recycling grey water generated
number of environmental and sustainability poor air circulation due to congested building by the office units of Hysan Place. Two other
issues, which all building projects encounter layout in the area, and a permeable building Sky Gardens and a vertical green wall help
in a high-density urban area. The team knew design was proposed and optimised to form to reduce the heat island effect. As a more
that the solutions must be tailor-made, and the Urban Window concept. artistic and certainly no less sustainable
should not only benefit the building’s tenants move, Hysan recycled some excavation
and visitors, but also the Causeway Bay/Lee Other significant green features help to adorn materials for artworks, whereby two major
Gardens community in general, in order to the building. For instance, an Urban Farm pieces of granite have now been turned into
maintain the company’s wish to contribute to is located on its rooftop, which provides sculptures in the Lee Gardens area.
the area’s sustainability. lush year-round vegetation in the form of

Among the most obvious green features
incorporated to benefit the nearby vicinity and
its communities were the Urban Windows.
These are large openings at lower levels of
the building. They allow efficient air flow
through the neighbourhood, reduce the wall
effect, and provide space for sky gardens,
which help reduce the heat island effect
with their lush greenery. The initial idea for
the Urban Windows came from a former

Air ventilation and urban window of Hysan Place

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